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HIL Simulation and Testing of ADAS and Autonomous Driving Functions

The following configuration examples show some typical scenarios for the interaction of the various tools.

HIL Release Tests for Camera and Radar

Release tests for camera- and radar-based applications using closed-loop HIL system

Testing Image Processing ECUs

Open-loop HIL system for testing image processing ECUs

HIL Testing of Camera Systems

Closed-loop HIL system for testing camera-based systems by inserting data into the image sensor output

Testing Multisensor Systems

Closed-loop HIL testing of multisensor systems 

Over-the-Air Radar Tests

HIL Test Bench for Over-the-Air Radar-in-the-Loop Simulation

Testing of V2X-Based Applications

Closed-loop HIL testing of V2X-based applications

Testing of GNSS-Based Driving Functions

Closed-loop HIL testing of predictive driving functions