• Scenario generation from raw data or object lists
  • Customer specific sensor setups and data formats


  • Ready-to-use logical scenarios or replay scenarios


  • Real-world scenarios for physics-based sensor simulation
  • Exact reproduction of real world scenarios in the simulation


  • Simulation scenarios for the dSPACE Simulation Solutions
  • Support of OpenDRIVE & OpenSCENARIO
  • Variation of generated logical scenarios to derive further corner cases


  • The process is highly automated


  • Cost- and time-efficient reuse of available measurement data
  • Seamless integration into existing SIL and HIL test infrastructure (e.g., ECU interfacing via ESI Unit)

The scenario generation service by dSPACE and uses real data to achieve realistic simulations.

Intelligently Setting the Scene

Ai-based scenario generation from sensor data

Debugging Critical Situations by Replicating Generated Scenarios in the Lab

Problems that occurred during test drives are analyzed in the lab using generated scenarios.

Homologation of Driving Functions with Generated Test Scenarios

The homologation of driving functions requires proof of billions of test kilometers. Since real test drives are too expensive and take too long, test scenarios are generated for homologation and used in software-in-the-loop simulation, which is executed faster than in real time.

Validating Sensor Models

To be able to validate the perception algorithms by means of simulation, the sensors must be simulated with a high degree of precision and cover all relevant effects of the real simulators.

Scenario Generation

Test and validate your autonomous driving functions with simulatable scenarios taken from the real world.

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