Advanced Control Education (ACE) Kits

Combined Hardware and Software Packages for Developing and Testing Complex Control System

​​​​​​​With the ACE Kits, dSPACE offers universities specifically combined packages of high-performance hardware and comprehensive software tools for developing and testing complex control systems in courses and for research purposes. 

Core Components of the ACE Kits

dSPACE ACE Kits make it easy to realize even the most complex open and closed loop control concepts, from the initial draft using block diagrams to the final online optimization of the controller in real time. To work with ACE Kits, you use easy-to-operate, intuitive Microsoft Windows® tools that can transfer your Simulink® models to the dSPACE real-time hardware in seconds. Observing the effects that parameter changes have on your system’s behavior becomes as easy as child's play.  

The increasing demand of electrical power requires highly efficient power electronics. With the help of intelligently controlled power electronics, voltages can be transformed in such a way that the different control systems are always supplied with the required DC or AC voltages. dSPACE also offers a Power Electronic Kit that supports your projects with state-of-the-art tools. 

ACE Kit Packages

ACE Kit Package Description
ACE Kit MicroAutoBox III

The MicroAutoBox III is a compact and robust real-time prototyping system for rapid function development in the vehicle. Depending on the application, which is aimed for, it can be adapted using specially customized I/O modules. Whether vehicle communication, control of combustion engine or electric motor, or the development of charging controllers – Get in contact with us and together we will find the best solution for you.

Included Products:
Hardware: MicroAutoBox III
Software: ConfigurationDesk, Platform API Package, ControlDesk

ACE Kit MicroLabBox

The MicroLabBox is an all-in-one development system for the laboratory which unites compact size and low system costs with high performance and versatility. In addition to the classic automotive applications for RCP and HIL, whether processor-based or FPGA-based, the MicroLabBox is also used for projects in medicine, robotics, geophysics, or aviation. 

Included Products:
Hardware: MicroLabBox (available as a front-panel variant and several top-panel variants)
Software: Real-Time Interface (RTI), Platform API Package, ControlDesk


SCALEXIO computation units form the basis of the modular real-time systems. They offer high computing power per core and high parallelism. A built-in IOCNET board allows real-time communication with further SCALEXIO computing units or I/O units. You can choose from ACE Kits with various casing options:

Included Products:
Hardware: SCALEXIO Processing Unit
Software: ConfigurationDesk, Platform API Package, ControlDesk

ACE Kit Power Electronics

The ambitious goal of 100% environmentally friendly mobility and power generation can only be achieved with efficient, reliable, and intelligent power electronics. The ACE Kit Power Electronics fulfills the requirements for highest switching frequencies in computation and I/O connectivity. Use the Vitis Model Composer, a Xilinx® Toolbox for MATLAB®/Simulink®, for FPGA programming, or rely on the topology-oriented simulation of the dSPACE Electrical Power System Simulation (EPSS) Package in combination with the MATLAB/Simulink Simscape Electrical toolbox to test power electronics circuitry.

Included Products:
Hardware: SCALEXIO LabBox, DS6001, DS6602, 2x DS6651
Software: ConfigurationDesk, Platform API Package, ControlDesk, RTI FPGA Programming Blockset, Electrical Power System Simulation Package

ACE Kit Smart Charging

Highly developed charging communication is the foundation for high vehicle availability. Options such as charging with alternating or direct current, automatic payment methods or the choice from the most inexpensive tariffs to connection with a home energy management system are possible with the newest charging technologies. When developing intelligent charging in the context of research projects, not only implementation in line with the applicable standards plays an important role, but also the opportunity to build a deeper understanding of various logging options and extendible systems through open models. The ACE Kit Smart Charging provides the basic equipment for implementing and testing smart charging according to global charging standards. It can be combined with dSPACE real-time systems and supplemented by further test possibilities.

Included Products:
Hardware: DS5366, DS5366_CAB
Software: Smart Charging Interface Solution

ACE Kit DS1104

The inexpensive starter system is based on our single-board technology. The DS1104 is optimally suited for a number of applications in rapid control prototyping with low to medium performance requirements.

Included Products:
Hardware: DS1104 PPC Controller Board
Software: Real-Time Interface (RTI), Platform API Package, ControlDesk

Core Components of the ACE Kits


MicroAutoBox III

Compact and robust in-vehicle prototyping system

MicroLabBox with dual-core Processor (2 GHz)

Compact prototyping unit for the laboratory

DS1104 PPC Controller Board

Cost-effective single-board system for controller development


Modular real-time system for desktop or rack-mount use

SCALEXIO Processing Unit

Product lines for high core performance and high parallel performance


Configuration and implementation software for dSPACE real-time hardware

Real-Time Interface (RTI)

Implementation software for running models on dSPACE hardware

Platform API Package

Application programming interfaces (API) for connecting to dSPACE platforms


Universal modular experiment and instrumentation software for electronic control unit (ECU) development

DS6602 FPGA Base Board

SCALEXIO I/O boards with the latest Xilinx® FPGA technology

DS6651 Multi I/O Board

SCALEXIO FPGA I/O expansion for developing and testing highly dynamic control applications

RTI FPGA Programming Blockset

Integrating FPGA models in dSPACE systems

Electrical Power System Simulation Package

Easy real-time simulation of power electronic circuits developed with Simscape Electrical™

Smart Charging Solution

Developing and testing intelligent charging technologies

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