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ASM Engine InCylinder

This course is an advanced training for ASM Engine Basic and additionally covers the ASM engine in-cylinder models. The models simulate the in-cylinder pressure-based processes of the engine. This way, the influence of variable valve control or injection shaping on the combustion can be displayed. The engine in-cylinder models are open Simulink® models for developing and testing electronic control units (ECUs) that support engine management based on in-cylinder pressure. Like all ASM products, they are fully integrated in the dSPACE tool chain and support all the relevant phases of the model-based development process, from early controller design to testing in the laboratory. In addition to the topics of the ASM Engine Basic training, this course will explain basics of in-cylinder pressure-based engine simulation. Other items covered by this training are the optimization of parameters and the inclusion of custom models in ASM.

  • Engineers in charge of the HIL testing of ECUs based on in-cylinder pressure
  • Engineers who validate controller algorithm designs by doing simulation
  • Required: Previous experience with MATLAB® and Simulink

  • Get an overview of the engine in-cylinder simulation packages
  • Use the engine in-cylinder model offline and on a dSPACE system
  • Parameterize the model
  • Optimize parameters

  • ASM Diesel Engine InCylinder Simulation Package
  • ASM Gasoline Engine InCylinder Simulation Package
  • MATLAB/Simulink
  • ModelDesk

  • Introduction to the engine in-cylinder simulation packages
  • Using the model for offline simulation
  • Using the model for online simulation in ControlDesk on dSPACE hardware or VEOS
  • Parameterizing the model
  • Optimizing model parameters
  • Learning about the modeling approaches of the internal combustion engine and the vehicle
  • Integration of custom models into ASM

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