ASM Fuel Cell

This course is a continuation of the ASM Powertrain training to address your questions regarding the modeling of fuel cells with ASM. The most common type of fuel cell used in vehicles is the proton exchange membrane (PEM). Our ASM Fuel Cell model is a solution for this. The ASM Fuel Cell model is an open and scalable Simulink® model and simulates the air and water supply, the tank and cooling system, and the electrochemical reactions in the fuel cell stack. The ASM Fuel Cell model is dedicated to in-the-loop development and testing of fuel cell controllers. In analogy to the other ASM products, ASM Fuel Cell is also ready to be used and includes a parameterization tool, a validation tool, and an instrumentation tool. This training will help you understand ASM Fuel Cell and its parameterization, and introduces you to the corresponding tool chain.

  • Engineers working on the development and testing of control algorithms for fuel cell applications.
  • Requirement: ASM Powertrain training or knowledge of ASM and ModelDesk. 

  • ASM Fuel Cell model and library
  • Control algorithms
  • Modeling approaches
  • Model parameterization

  • ASM Fuel Cell simulation packages
  • ModelDesk
  • ControlDesk
  • VEOS
  • MATLAB®/Simulink®

  • Deepen your understanding of the ASM Fuel Cell simulation package, modeling approaches, and the parameterization process 

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