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  • FAQ 355: Exception in AutomationDesk Aug 15, 2017

    If nested blocks, loops, steps etc. are executed, it can happen that AutomationDesk stops with an exception: ‘RuntimeError: maximum recursion depth exceeded’. How can I avoid this?
  • MotionDesk Graphics System Requirements Jul 18, 2017

    This document describes the hardware and software requirements when working with MotionDesk’s 3-D online animation.
  • AutomationDesk CANoe Library Jun 01, 2017

    The CANoe access library is an implementation example for AutomationDesk. It serves to demonstrate how to build up an automation interface to CANoe and CANalyzer.
  • Real-Time Testing: June 22, 2017 (Paderborn) May 11, 2017

    Introduction to programming real-time tests based on the Python programming language

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