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Python 2.5.1 Stand-Alone Setup for dSPACE Releases 7.0, 7.1, and 7.2


This patch can only be installed on top of an existing Release 7.0, 7.1, or 7.2 installation.

It updates the Python installation to the version installed with Release 7.3. It is a compatible update which enhances the Windows 7 support and includes features and bugfixes mainly for the use with the toolautomation of dSPACE products.

In more detail:

  • Python.exe added Window 7 compatibility information
  • python27.dll added version number to identify modified dSPACE distribution
  • added elaborated error output
  • win32com added Enums, STAThread and MTAThread classes, GetComIdentity function, extended index access for COM collections, support for enumerations of .NET COM servers
  • pythoncom27.dll added Nothing object, support for 64bit integers





Date 2012-03-07
Product RCP and HIL Software
Information Type Patches
Information Category Troubleshooting
dSPACE Release Prior to 2013-A