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PS-HCHBD 2/2 & PS-HCFBD 1/2 Plug-in


This Plug-in introduces software support for the RapidPro PS-HCHBD 2/2 and PS-HCFBD 1/2 modules for the following dSPACE Releases

  • Release 6.3,
  • Release 6.4.

There are two separate setup programs for the above mentioned Releases.

New Features introduced by this Plug-in

The PS-HCFBD 1/2 module (DS1767) is a high-current, full-bridge power stage module with one channel for driving bidirectional loads such as DC motors (12 V or 24 V).

The PS-HCHBD 2/2 module (DS1768) is a high-current, half-bridge power stage module with two channels for driving loads in different modes in 12 V or 24 V power supply systems.



Installation Notes & Download

Release 6.3
ReadMe63.txt (2 KB)
RLS_6.3_RapidProPsHcfbd12Hchbd22Plugin1.3.exe (2.94 MB)

Release 6.4
ReadMe64.txt (2 KB)
RLS_6.4_RapidProPsHcfbd12Hchbd22Plugin1.0.exe (2.94 MB)

Date 2009-10-19
Product Type Compact Systems
Product RapidPro
Information Category Troubleshooting
dSPACE Release Prior to 2013-A