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CAN Bus Firmware Patch
for Release 5.2 to Release 6.5


This patch can be installed on an existing installation of dSPACE Release 5.2 to 6.5.

It comprises the latest firmware versions for all boards with CAN bus interface:

  • MicroAutoBox with CAN_TP1 modules
  • DS4302
  • DS2202
  • DS2211
  • DS2210

New features introduced by this patch


Problems fixed by this patch



There are two different versions of this patch. The first one is to be used for Releases without DS1006MC support, the other one can only be used for Release 6.5 with DS1006MC support (Service Pack 2).

Installation Notes & Download


Date 2011-01-17
Product Type Compact Systems, Modular Systems
Hardware Type PHS Hardware, Off-the-Shelf Systems
Product DS1005 PPC Board, DS1006 Processor Board, MicroAutoBox
Information Type Patches
Information Category Troubleshooting
dSPACE Release Prior to 2013-A