ASM Truck Trailer Pneumatics Model

The ASM Truck Trailer Pneumatics Model demonstrates the handling and behavior of automotive ASM pneumatic components using the ASM Truck Trailer Demo model as background. The model includes air supply, air brakes and air suspension for truck and trailer. This allows typical applications such as ABS braking or level control.

A complete overview over all ASM pneumatic components can be found in the product documentation of ASM Pneumatics.



  • Please get a ASM Truck Trailer demo model from the dSPACE installation and download
  • contains the ASM_TruckTrailer_Pneumatics.slx, a suitable go file and all initialization files required for parameterizing the pneumatics system of the truck trailer variants for a truck with full trailer and a truck with semi-trailer. Extract the complete .zip folder.
  • Copy the content of the extracted folder into the Simulation folder of the ASM Truck Trailer Demo project.
  • When you do this, you must confirm that the files already saved to the destination folder can be overwritten.
  • Now the ASM Truck Trailer Pneumatics Model can be used in MATLAB like all other ASM demo models. 



A ModelDesk parameterization for ASM Truck Trailer Pneumatics is already included in the ASM Truck Trailer demo. After installation, the Simulation Model of the ModelDesk project must be changed to ASM_TruckTrailer_Pneumatics.slx. Afterwards, all ASM Pneumatics components can be parameterized using ModelDesk.


  • Licenses for ASM Truck,  ASM Trailer, ASM Pneumatics
  • ModelDesk
  • MotionDesk (optional)

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Date 2021-03-15
Software Type Simulation Models
Product ASM (Automotive Simulation Models), ASM Truck Model, ASM Trailer Model
Information Type Software Demos
Information Category Working with
dSPACE Release 2020-B

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