Simulation in Development

A simulation is a realistic representation of real-life events. In the vehicle development process, for example, simulation methods are used very efficiently to develop and validate controller software by simulating the controlled components.

The range of application stretches from simulated assemblies such as engines, to entire virtual vehicles, to completely simulated environments that consist of a vehicle, other traffic participants, and the traffic infrastructure.

Simulation models (also called ‘plant models’ or just ‘models’ for short) take on the role of the controlled components. They provide a different virtual world for each use case.

ASM Simulation Tool Suite

dSPACE’s Automotive Simulation Models (ASM) form a tool suite that can be used in four areas: combustion engines, electric components, vehicle dynamics, and traffic environment. The ready-to-use models precisely simulate the behavior of the controlled devices. The ASM are ideal for model-based design and are implemented as open models in MATLAB®/Simulink®.

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