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Purdue EcoMakers

The Purdue EcoMakers are modeling their entire EcoCAR 2 parallel-through-the-road PHEV on dSPACE ASM for control development. 


The team has used ASM-parameterized models for the vehicle dynamics, CI engine, drivetrain components, energy storage system and electric motor. The supervisory controller uses a state machine for drive management and also includes several diagnostic and safety-critical functions.

Purdue's parallel-through-the-road architecture features two independent drivetrains, with a 1.7 L CI engine running on B20 driving the front wheels, as well as a 90-kW Magna E-Drive motor/inverter which will drive the rear wheels.
“ASM and ModelDesk have significantly reduced the effort that the team had to devote to the modeling of the vehicle,” said Haley Moore, Purdue’s EcoCAR 2 Project Manager.