AutomationDesk – Automation Server

The AutomationDesk – Automation Server is a server variant without a graphical user interface. The Automation Server is accessed and remote-controlled via the COM/DCOM interface, so the same functions are available as for the full version of AutomationDesk. This run-time version has the advantage of reduced license costs, making it useful wherever the comprehensive functions of the full version are not required, for example, for automated test executions on hardware-in-the-loop simulators.

Comparison of AutomationDesk and AutomationDesk – Automation Server

AutomationDesk Basic Version AutomationDesk – Automation Server – Basic Version
  • Development environment for tests
  • Developing libraries
  • Test execution
  • Note: To access a platform, you need the Platform API Package.
  • Tool variant without graphical user interface
  • Planning, parameterizing and executing existing tests
  • Client applications: batch scripts, Excel, operator UI, test management tools like SYNECT Test Management, etc.

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