Automation, Process and Tool Integration

Comprehensive TargetLink API

TargetLink can be easily integrated into existing development environments, because it comes with a comprehensive and fully documented application programming interface (API). This grants full access to all TargetLink properties and settings and allows for processes to be automated while at the same time providing options for interventions in the individual process phases. For example, hook functions allow for user tasks to be performed at all stages of the build process.

Calibration File Generation

ASAM MCD-2 MC file generation for calibration purposes.

Another important requirement for a code generator is to have close links with calibration systems. ECU code must be prepared for parameter fine-tuning by making calibratable or measurable variables accessible to a calibration system. TargetLink supports the generation of the standardized ASAM MCD-2 MC file format (formerly ASAP2) via the Data Dictionary to make the variables and parameters available for ECU calibration. All major calibration tools support this standard. Because the C code and the ASAM MCD-2 MC file are generated with the same data basis, they are always consistent. This eliminates another error source, and streamlines the development process. TargetLink offers several predefined variable classes for calibratable and measurable variables. You can also specify your own classes, ensuring that each class holds suitable attributes for calibration and/or measurement.  

Documentation Generated Automatically

TargetLink not only generates code, it also documents what it does – keeping perfect consistency with the model and the code. An automatically generated document provides information about function interfaces and global variables, and a list of all measurable and adjustable variables, scaling parameters, code generator options and much more.  

The documentation is easy to generate – at the click of a button.

Screenshots of models, subsystems, and simulation plots can also be included. Links to the generated C code are provided. You can specify the documentation you require, for example, the level of detail. Documentation can be generated in the HTML, RTF (for word processing) and PDF formats. 

TargetLink Tool Chain Integration

TargetLink smoothly interacts with other tools of the dSPACE tool chain and also with many third-party tools (TargetLink Ecosystem).

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