Communication Matrix Manager

Stand-alone software for handling bus communication matrices

The Communication Matrix Manager visualizes the modeled bus communication in a manageable way.

Visualizing Your Communication Matrices

The Communication Matrix Manager is a stand-alone software for handling communication matrices conveniently, quickly, and affordably. The tool is easy to use and provides graphical representations of common communication matrix formats. The representation is independent of the communication matrix format (DBC, LDF, FIBEX, or ARXML) and includes a hierarchical view of the different elements, the properties of the elements, filters, and dedicated views.

Comparing Communication Matrices

The Communication Matrix Manager lets you easily compare two communication matrices. All displayed element properties can be used for comparing, for example, different payload lengths, or header IDs of PDUs. The result is provided both as an HTML and an XML file. You can display the HTML file with the well-formatted changes in your browser or forward the files, e.g., to the network department. 

The XML file can be imported for an automatic analysis using third-party software which supports continuous integration processes in a very convenient way.

Finding Changes and Errors Quickly

You can easily compare the properties of many communication matrix elements, e.g., clusters, channels, ECUs, or PDUs, that originate from several communication matrices. This makes it possible to find deviations quickly, even in log files. The software makes it easy and intuitive for you to detect changes and perform consistency checks. This helps you work with new bus systems and their complex communication structure even during agile development with fast version update rates.

Support of AUTOSAR

For implementing new features in fields such as autonomous driving, such as end-to-end protection or cybersecurity, the AUTOSAR ARXML format is required. As these communication matrices are not human-readable, the Communication Matrix Manager provides essential support for developers and testers.

Functionality Description
  • Import of DBC, LDF, FIBEX, and ARXML files
  • Import of multiple files
  • Support for AUTOSAR system templates und ECU extracts
  • Comparison of two communication matrices from the context menu.
  • Generation of HTML and XML reports
  • Graphical representation of the content (communication matrix viewer)
  • Dedicated diagrams (e.g., schedules, sender/receiver)
  • Different scheduling views
  • Element Property view
  • Sender/receiver relation view
  • ARXML viewer
  •  DBC, LDF, and XML viewer
  • Computation methods diagram
  • Consistency check
  • Search and filter functions
  • Log file
  • Export comparison result of communication matrices as an HTML or XML file

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