AURELION Lidar Model

Realistic simulation of lidar sensors

The optional ‘AURELION Lidar’ model allows AURELION, the new dSPACE solution for sensor-realistic simulation, to realistically simulate a lidar sensor and the corresponding sensor environment.

Application Areas

The lidar sensor model lets AURELION perform a physics-based real-time calculation of lidar sensor data to accurately simulate real-world effects. Input your lidar data into your processing chain as raw data or in point cloud format.

  • Allowing for the physically correct simulation of point cloud generation while taking into account environment and sensor effects
  • Predefined bidirectional reflectance distribution functions using real-world measurements
  • Detection of multiple reflections per ray
  • Motion distortion effect
  • Support for dynamic scanning patterns
  • Nonlinear calculation of reflectivity to model sensor saturation
  • Support for efficient calculation of multiple sensors
  • Noise simulation
  • Real-time postprocessing interface with sensor environment model (ray tracer)
  • Customizable output for each detection point
  • Off-the-shelf integration of multiple Velodyne sensors
  • C++/Cuda postprocessing API with direct GPU data access for performant point cloud processing in real-time
  • Integration of custom sensor models

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