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ECU Interface Base Package

External and on-target bypassing

The ECU Interface Base Package provides real-time access to production ECUs during RCP, HIL, and field test.

Application Areas

For rapid control prototyping (RCP), hardware-in-the-loop (HIL), function-in-the-loop (FIL), vehicle-in-the loop (VIL), and ECU (electronic control unit) field tests, real-time access to ECUs is crucial. For a guaranteed real-time access, the existing ECU code has to be prepared to allow additional functionalities to be mapped to it. These functionalities can be executed by using external real-time hardware or even directly on the original ECU (on-target). When developing new ECU software functionalities, an incremental development based on existing ECU hardware and software is common. The dSPACE tool chain for ECU interfacing allows new functionalities to be mapped into the existing ECU by using the external or the on-target bypassing approach. When testing a production ECU with a HIL system, internal states of the ECU can be captured synchronously to become part of the running real-time test. Furthermore, very complex, unavailable, or unaccessible sensors can be simulated. Even partial or complete ECU software tests (FIL in the laboratory and VIL in the vehicle) are possible by directly connecting a plant or environment simulation that runs on real-time hardware to the ECU without the need to connect the full I/O. During a field test, the functionality of an ECU is tested in a real environment. In case an error is detected in the ECU software (e.g., incorrect internal variable value), it is possible to quickly fix it by using on-target bypassing. Afterwards, the test-drive can continue. To cover all these scenarios, dSPACE provides a comprehensive ECU interface software tool chain which is based on the ECU Interface Base Package. 

Key Benefits

The dSPACE ECU Interface Software makes it possible to interface to existing ECUs without deeper knowledge of the original implementation details. It differentiates between preparing the ECU software for ECU interfacing and implementing new functionality as well as external and on-target bypassing. The ECU Interface Base Package allows you to access ECUs that have been already prepared for ECU interfacing with external dSPACE real-time hardware. An optional Binary Code Management Module lets you prepare the binary code of a dedicated microcontroller for ECU interfacing. The optional On-Target Module along with the target compiler enables the RTI Bypass Blockset to build a real-time application of a new model-based function for the dedicated microcontroller. Therefore, it merges the new function code with an existing ECU code to run completely on the target ECU without the need for extra hardware. For optimization, it allows you to use fragmented memory areas and even to free up space by overwriting unused functions on the target ECU. This leads to a higher level of efficiency on the limited ECU resources. To increase efficiency even further or if there is a strong focus on production, the certified production code generator TargetLink can be used. 

Module Description
ECU Interface Base Package
  • Combines the functionalities of the RTI Bypass Blockset and the ECU Interface Manager
  • Supports external bypassing applications by using dSPACE real-time systems
  • Implementation of Simulink® functions using RTI or Configuration Desk
  • Import, analysis and examination of binary ECU code
  • Provides dSPACE ECU Service with support of DCI-GSI2 and XCP for ECU interfacing
  • Configuration of existing dSPACE ECU services (e.g., XCP)
Binary Code Management Module (target-specific)
  • Optional module for the ECU Interface Base Package
  • Insertion of dSPACE ECU Services on a binary code basis for external and on-target ECU interfacing
  • Available for Infineon TriCore, NXP (Freescale) MPC5xxx, STMicroelectronics SPC5xxx, and Renesas V850/RH850
On-Target Module (target-specific)
  • Optional module for the ECU Interface Base Package
  • Implementation of Simulink and TargetLink bypass functions on a specific target ECU with existing dSPACE ECU services
  • Requires an additional HighTec compiler (target-specific)
  • Available for Infineon TriCore, NXP (Freescale) MPC5xxx, STMicroelectronics SPC5xxx, and Renesas V850/RH850
HighTec Compiler (target-specific)
  • Required target C code compiler for On-Target Module
  • Available for Infineon TriCore, NXP (Freescale) MPC5xxx, STMicroelectronics SPC5xxx, and Renesas V850/RH850

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