Managing Variant Information


  • Stay on top of the skyrocketing number of variants with integrated SYNECT variant management
  • Define variant models containing variants, variation points, and constraints
  • Use variant-based automation and configuration for your HIL preparation process with SYNECT Workflow Management

In ECU testing, the number of variants and the necessity for quickly testing more and more software releases requires a powerful variant management solution. SYNECT provides a systematic approach to variant handling and lets you define a central variant model, including constraints for individual variants. Furthermore, the individual data handled in SYNECT, e.g., test cases, parameters, and models, can be easily connected to the variants, thus enabling SYNECT to provide the right set of data in the appropriate step of the test process. For example, SYNECT automatically provides the relevant parameter set for ECU calibration, the required real-time application on the simulation platform, or the appropriate set of test cases for each test execution.

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