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SYNECT Model Management


  • Manage models together with their interfaces, parameters and related files
  • For distributed development and for sharing and reusing models
  • For controller models and simulation models from various modeling environments
  • Supports Simulink® models, TargetLink models, ARXML files and Functional Mock-up Units (FMUs)
  • Provides open interfaces to support further modeling environments
  • Comprehensive model categorization through customizable metadata
  • Integrated variant support
  • Allows for graphically editing models
  • Supports system model integration including model container formats and bus communication 

SYNECT Model Management lets you manage your prime asset in a model-based development process – your models. It combines model file management, model metadata management and model interface management – all in one tool, all accessible from one GUI. You can organize your models in libraries with dedicated user and rights permissions and according to their variant dependencies. The modeling of hierarchical dependencies between models and submodels allows building and configuring model compositions from different libraries or work projects. Defining and inspecting the model architecture directly in SYNECT not only increases the transparency of the models directly in the data management solution, it also supports implementing top-down development processes for new models.

Existing models can be imported into SYNECT Model Management via tool adapters that are specific to the modeling environment. Import adapters are currently available for Simulink models, TargetLink models, and for FMUs (Functional Mock-up Units).