dSPACE Release 4.1

This April sees the arrival of dSPACE Release 4.1, with several major innovations to enhance your development environment. The attached list gives you a preview of the main new features.

Product Features
DS1006 Processor Board
  • x86 technology for hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) simulation and certain rapid control prototyping (RCP) applications
  • AMD Opteron™ processor with 2.2 GHz
  • Up to 9 times faster than the well-established DS1005 PowerPC board at 480-MHz
  • Ideal for large, processing-intensive models.
For more details, see DS1006 Processor Board
MicroAutoBox 800 MHz
  • Up to 10 times faster due to the new IBM PPC 750FX processor with 800 MHz.
For more details, see MicroAutoBox 800 MHz.
ControlDesk 2.5
  • Failure simulation for DS2211-based dSPACE Simulator Mid-Size
  • Remote control of ControlDesk (ControlDesk clients can connect to a ControlDesk server via Ethernet and TCP/IP)
  • Support of the DS1006 Processor Board
RTI CAN MultiMessage Blockset 1.0
  • Large CAN message packets (> 200 messages) can be handled from a single Simulink® block
  • Online switching between different main blocks
  • Simplified model updating via an automatically generated S-function for each DBC file
  • Reduction of code generation time, build time and overall processing time.
For more details, see RTI CAN MultiMessage Blockset 1.0
RTI FlexRay Blockset 2.1
  • Support for RTI-MP together with RTI FlexRay.
For more details, see RTI FlexRay Blockset 2.1
AutomationDesk 1.1
  • Variable Browser for selecting model variables
  • Condition Editor with dialogs for creating conditions for If-Else and While blocks
  • Improved error handling
  • Support of the DS1006 Processor Board.
For more information on AutomationDesk, see AutomationDesk
MTest 1.0.1
  • Systematic approach to test development
  • Model-based testing, especially of software and function modules in conjunction with Simulink®.
MotionDesk 1.4
  • Support of the DS1006 Processor Board.
For more information on MotionDesk, see MotionDesk

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