dSPACE Release 5.3

The following list gives you an overview of the main innovations in dSPACE Release 5.3.

Product Details
ASM 1.3 ASM VehicleDynamics
  • Geometrical suspension models (McPherson strut, rigid axle, semi-trailing arm)
ASM Engine Diesel
  • Engine test cycles for speed and torque stimulation
  • Truck engine parameterization example
AutomationDesk 1.5 (with Real-Time Testing 1.1)
  • Support of DS1005 PPC Board for Real-Time Testing
  • Real-Time Testing can be used on MP nodes (DS1005- and DS1006-based MP systems).
  • AutomationDesk-Automation Server is able to run real-time tests.
CalDesk 1.4.1
  • Support of measurement files (*.idf files) greater than 2 GB
  • Uploading ECU memory contents via dSPACE ECU Flash Programming Tool
ConfigurationDesk 1.2
  • New platform management concept for RapidPro
  • Support of SC-TC 8/1 (DS1638, 8-channel thermocouple sensor input) module for RapidPro
ControlDesk 3.1
  • New CAN Navigator features:
    • CAN bus data monitoring (raw data)
    • CAN bus data logging
  • Conversion of IDF files larger than 2 GB
FlexRay Configuration Package 1.3
  • Minor changes
ModelDesk 1.1
  • Tool automation of ModelDesk (with scripting languages such as Python and MATLAB M files)
  • ModelDesk–MotionDesk tool coupling (When ModelDesk downloads a road, the MotionDesk scene is updated automatically)
  • Graphical parameterization of geometrical suspension models
MTest 1.5
  • Using CTE for reference data specification
  • Several usability improvements
RTI CAN Multimessage Blockset 1.5
  • Support of new CAN Navigator features:
    • CAN bus data monitoring (raw data)
    • CAN bus data logging
RTI LIN MultiMessage Blockset 1.2
  • Sleep support
    • Transmit and receive go-to-sleep command
  • Test features for run-time tests, e.g.
    • Dynamic LIN frame checksum for n times
    • Selectable signal default, "from LDF" or "from DBC"
    • Corruption of break length and break delimiter
    • Changing baud rate
    • Changing message length and termination during run time
RTI Bypass Blockset 2.2.2
  • Support of DS2202, DS2210 and DS2211 in bypassing via CCP and XCP on CAN
  • XCP on CAN gateway functionality allowing arbitrated access to ECUs from the dSPACE bypassing system and a calibration tool at the same time, even if only one XCP service instance is implemented on the ECU.
  • Support of Toshiba TMP1984 processor with DCI-GSI1 via NBD/AUD.
MATLAB Support
  • R14SP3
  • R2006a+
  • R2006b

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