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CalDesk® 1.1

The main new features are described below.

New Features Details
Support of new devices
  • CAN Calibration Protocol (CCP)
  • Nexus and NBD/AUD via DCI-GSI1, dSPACE’s new Generic Serial Interface for bypassing and calibration via on-chip debug ports
  • Support of dSPACE function prototyping platforms AutoBox and MicroAutoBox
New language versions
  • Japanese
  • French
    (in addition to the currently available English and German versions).
Automation interfaces
  • ASAM-MCD 3MC (formerly ASAP3) interface via RS232 or TCP/IP Ethernet
  • ASAM-MCD 3 (COM/DCOM) interface
  • Import/export of projects and experiments
  • Save As and Rename option for projects and experiments
  • Reduced loading times for large ASAP2 files and experiments
  • More transparent status visualization in CalDesk’s status bar, for example, for measurement and recording
  • Support of bookmarks and bookmark manager with search option
  • Support of widely used file formats (DCM for calibration data, MDF for measurement data)
  • Enhanced printing of data plots
  • Integrated XZ and YZ projections in 3-D table editor
  • Adjustable increments and weak limits of calibration variables
  • Measurement of system variables with DCI-GME1 and DCI-GSI1
    (for example, ECU reset, ECU temperature, ignition on/off, active calibration page, DAQ buffer level)

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