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dSPACE XSG Electric Component Library

Faster and better with an FPGA

March 12, 2012: In hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) simulation, the load on the processor is typically reduced by running the simulation model's particularly time-critical I/O computations on a field-programmable gate array (FPGA). However, when controllers are being developed for the dynamic, highly precise ECUs in electric vehicles, this procedure sometimes reaches its limits, because the controlled system models are complex and the sampling rates very high. The solution is to run not only the I/O but also the entire model of the controlled system (such as an electric motor) on the FPGA. dSPACE now provides a whole Simulink® library of ready-to-use open components for this: the XSG Electric Components Library.
Convenient Modeling
For maximum convenience in creating FPGA-based models, the dSPACE XSG Electric Components Library is available during work in Simulink and provides completely modeled electric components and the necessary I/O functions. All the models are open so that users can modify them or add to them as required.
The models were created with the Xilinx® System Generator (XSG) Blockset. During code generation, they are directly converted to VHDL code that is executable on an FPGA such as the DS5203 FPGA Board. Interface generation is partly automated so that in many projects, developers do not require detailed knowledge of FPGA programming but just experience in using Simulink.
Limited availability outside Asia and Europe.

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