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SystemDesk Solutions

Scripting Solutions and Other Utilities for SystemDesk

February 13, 2013: For SystemDesk, dSPACE offers various utilities such as Python scripts and SystemDesk extras for automating common use cases. They are available for several SystemDesk versions and will be adapted to new product versions.
Some utilities are now available for SystemDesk R3.2 and R4.0, such as the Tabular Project Editor and Internal Behavior Viewer.
Tabular Project Editor
This SystemDesk extra provides an alternative way to view and edit AUTOSAR elements modeled in the Project Library. While the Project Manager in SystemDesk displays elements in a hierarchical tree view and their attributes in a property window, this extra provides a table view. You can edit properties of elements in the table, and export it as an Excel file.
Internal Behavior Viewer
This SystemDesk extra graphically displays an AUTOSAR internal behavior of an atomic software component to give you a clear view of internal behavior elements that were already specified in SystemDesk.

To download the utilities and for further information, click here!