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dSPACE SystemDesk 3.2

Modeling software architecture and generating virtual ECUs

November 7, 2012: SystemDesk 3.2 from dSPACE offers complete support of the entire AUTOSAR 3.x standard for modeling software and system architectures. Dedicated dialogs simplify the development and configuration of AUTOSAR-compliant components.
After modeling the software components and integrating them in a system architecture, you can generate a virtual ECU (V-ECU). You can configure and generate basic software (BSW) modules such as the run-time environment (RTE), the operating system or the diagnostic event manager (DEM) – and now also some new modules: the I/O hardware abstraction, the ECU state manager and the BSW scheduler. Additionally, SystemDesk now offers process support for automatically updating and configuring BSW modules during V-ECU generation.
The V-ECUs can be simulated directly on a PC using VEOS, the dSPACE offline simulation platform. This lets you test and validate ECU software functions at a very early stage, for which you can connect the V-ECUs to complex plant models. In SystemDesk, you can configure your V-ECUs for completely different simulation and test scenarios by defining RTE intervention points. These make it possible to access open and connected ports of SWCs, and to modify interrunnable variables or the status return values of RTE API functions. Moreover, the simulation system can be prepared for simulating ECU startup scenarios, stimulating an ECU or bus breakdown, and delaying the transmission of bus messages. 
By validating your ECU software and systems directly on your PC, you can find and correct functional errors early in the development process, thereby saving time and costs.

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