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Python 2.7 in the dSPACE Tool Chain

October 10, 2013: In response to growing demand from customers, in Release 2013-B dSPACE will change the Python interpreter used by its software tools to the current version, Python 2.7.5. We decided to use the Python 2.7.x development series because unlike Python 3.x, it is essentially compatible with Python 2.5, the version supported to date. At the same time, dSPACE is integrating the standard Python installations and the Python libraries provided so that users can make updates and implement extensions themselves.

These changes give users the following advantages:
  • They can add/remove Python packages.
  • They can install current Python extension modules.
  • They can use language extensions.
  • They benefit from bugfixes.
  • It is compatible with current operating systems.
For useful information on the change in Python version, including incompatible changes and handling methods, see this document: