More FPGA Performance for MicroAutoBox II

August 12, 2015: In Release 2015-A, dSPACE adds an integrated FPGA board to round off its portfolio for the prototyping hardware, MicroAutoBox II, with new variants. The new variants, 1401/1511/1514 and 1401/1513/1514, are freely programmable and have a very powerful Xilinx® KintexTM-7 FPGA board (XC7K325T) that can solve even the toughest prototyping tasks. Applications that require extremely fast control loops can now be run directly on the FPGA. This includes secondary calculations for combustion and electric motor control, noise and vibration suppression, and also computation-intensive signal preprocessing, to name a few examples.

dSPACE offers various plug-on boards that provide the required I/O interfaces for the different fields. For example, the DS1553 with its interfaces for Hall, encoder and resolver sensors is used for the control of electric motors. The new MicroAutoBox II variants can be programmed directly from Simulink via the RTI FPGA Programming Blockset  and support the new Vivado® tool chain by Xilinx. In addition, there are two standard modules that can also expand the system with FlexRay and CAN FD interfaces (DS4340 FlexRay Interface Module, DS4342 CAN Interface Module FD). The MicroAutoBox II variants 1401/1511/1514 and 1401/1513/1514 are now ready to be ordered. 

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