Radar Test Benches

Aside from cameras and ultrasonic sensors, radar sensors are the most commonly used environment sensors in the automotive industry. They are used in many applications, such as adaptive cruise control (ACC) and autonomous emergency braking (AEB), and will continue to play an important role in highly automated and autonomous driving.

dSPACE provides reliable solutions both for validating and specifying next-generation radar sensors and for realistic testing of radar-based vehicle functions: 

Radar Test Bench – Advanced 6D

Validation and specification of next-generation radar sensors (e.g., separability, field of view, resolution)

  • Ready for 4-D imaging radars  
  • Precise azimuth and elevation simulation of up to 8 radar targets
  • High flexibility for different radar sensors and DARTS configurations
Radar Test Bench – Compact 3D

Scenario-based testing of functions for autonomous driving and advanced driver assistance systems

  • Over-the-air stimulation of the radar sensor
  • Reliable multitarget angle simulation for up to 20 radar objects in real time
  • Test of the complete chain of effects
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