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IOCNET (I/O Carrier Network)

IOCNET is a network technology developed by dSPACE that is optimized for high real-time requirements in terms of latencies and bandwidth. IOCNET makes scaling SCALEXIO systems easy by allowing for decentralized setups. The setups can include more than 100 device nodes, and the I/O and Processing Units can be located up to 100 m apart. SCALEXIO is therefore ideal for spatially distributed test systems, which can also be extended later on.

Coupling with additional I/O

By using IOCNET, you can add several I/O subracks to your system. These decentralized I/O units do not need their own processing units.

Coupling Several Processors

IOCNET is also used for coupling processors, so no additional hardware is necessary for creating a multiprocessor system.

Coupling SCALEXIO with Existing Systems

The SCALEXIO system can interact with all dSPACE HIL systems, such as dSPACE Simulator Mid-Size and dSPACE Simulator Full-Size. These are based on the PHS bus technology, which is used for communication between the processor and the I/O units. A SCALEXIO system is connected to a PHS system by processor-to-processor coupling with an IOCNET Gigalink connection.

Uplinks and Downlinks

The Processing Unit and I/O units are connected via IOCNET. A Processing Unit has an IOCNET Link Board with 4 or 8 IOCNET ports. The I/O units have an IOCNET router with 1 uplink connecting to the Processing Unit and 2 downlinks for connecting further I/O units.

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