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Hardware-in-the-Loop Simulation for Everybody

dSPACE Simulator EcoLine is a compact hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) simulator with excellent value for money. It is available in five preconfigured versions for dedicated test scenarios. Each system covers all functions needed for its specific task, making it the perfect system for clearly defined projects.

dSPACE Simulator EcoLine

Based on approved technology, dSPACE Simulator EcoLine is the perfect ready-to-go system for HIL simulation. There are five preconfigured versions, each with a basic set of functions and I/O tailored to a specific application area so you can get it up and running fast, with no need for intensive system configuration. A wiring board makes it easy to connect the simulator to your control unit. Each package costs far less than what all its individual components would add up to.

The new simulator package is an ideal opportunity for first-time users to include a HIL system in their development processes, but experienced HIL users will also appreciate its familiar easy handling.

With dSPACE Simulator EcoLine, you can perform your ECU (electronic control unit) tests with a real closed-loop HIL simulation.

All the packages are based on the same configuration:

  • Processor board for processing-intensive real-time models (DS1006)
  • HIL I/O board with onboard signal conditioning and a wide I/O range (DS2202/DS2211)
  • Wiring board that acts as the I/O terminal for input/output signals and provides options for load configuration
  • Programmable power supply for battery simulation

The packages also include software, e.g.,

  • Control Development Package for integrating Simulink® models, conveniently integrating the system’s I/O functions into Simulink, instrumenting and managing the real-time experiments, and automating the experiment control
  • Package-specific: RTI CAN MultiMessage Blockset or RTI LIN MultiMessage Blockset for handling a very high number of CAN and LIN messages and the powerful configuration of complex setups

All packages in dSPACE Simulator EcoLine are off-the-shelf products, so they have very short delivery times.

  • dSPACE Simulator EcoLine – Engine Solenoid for testing ECUs for engines with fuel injection via solenoid valve injectors. Extended by a lambda sensor simulation module for 4 independent lambda sensors and 6 channels for current measurement up to 20 A
  • dSPACE Simulator EcoLine – Engine Piezo for testing ECUs for engines with fuel injection via piezo injectors. Extended by a lambda sensor simulation module for 4 independent lambda sensors and 6 channels for signal measurement of piezo-electric valves; also included: current measurement for high-pressure control valve
  • dSPACE Simulator EcoLine – Transmission for testing transmission ECUs. Extended by 6 current measurement channels up to 3.5 A and 8 current sink/source channels, e.g., for simulating the transmission speed sensor signal
  • dSPACE Simulator EcoLine – Vehicle Dynamics for testing ECUs for vehicle dynamics systems. Extended by 8 current sink/source channels, e.g., for simulating the wheel speed sensor signal
  • dSPACE Simulator EcoLine – Body Electronics for testing ECUs for body electronics. Extended by an interface for LIN communication networks. The internal cable harness with a front connector is not included by default, but you can order it from dSPACE or use your own.

1) The end of life of the dSPACE Simulator EcoLine is planned for December 31, 2024. You can still buy the product up to and including December 31, 2021. New releases of dSPACE software will still support the dSPACE Simulator EcoLine until at least the end of 2023. After the end of life, no services of any kind will be available for this product. We advise against using the dSPACE Simulator EcoLine in new projects. For new projects we recommend that you use the successor, a SCALEXIO rack system which is available in different sizes according to your needs.

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