Resolver Interface

Connection to resolver sensors

With the Resolver Interface you can connect dSPACE’s PHS hardware to resolver sensors.

Hardware Details

  • DS4501 IP Carrier Board hosting an IP module for resolver-to-digital conversion from TEWS Technologies (TIP150-41)
  • DS4501 supports up to 4 IP modules
  • Each IP module can support 2 resolver sensors
  • Supports adaptable signal conditioning
  • Excitation signal can be set from 2 kHz ... 20 kHz, 11.8 V rms (max), 70 mA
  • Detection of lost signals

Software Details

  • Simulink block library
  • Configuration of each IP Module via a setup block
  • Synchronous or asynchronous reading of resolver channels
  • Supports multiple range options
  • Supports single- or dual-channel reading 

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