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Published: May 05, 2017

Conveniently checking development data

Version 2.3 of the data management software dSPACE SYNECT offers users more functionalities for checking, evaluating, and searching for the managed development data.

With the help of a new query mechanism, users can easily and efficiently search the entire data base for items. The specified queries can be saved to reuse them later on or make them available to other users. The general display of data and navigation has also been optimized in SYNECT 2.3. For example, the redesigned model tree view now gives users a better overview of the full hierarchy and provides an improved usability and overview, particularly for models and submodels. Furthermore, users can now define and thus easily distinguish between different types of models, such as software components, ECU models, and environment models.

The new Traceability Explorer add-on helps identify referenced items as well as the use of one item in multiple projects and workspaces, and lets users display this graphically. This way, all the linkages of one item, for example, from a test case to its requirements and all associated test results, can be traced at one glance. With the new Version Consistency Add-On, SYNECT 2.3 supports users even more in keeping their data consistent. Via the context menu of any SYNECT item, e.g., a project, model, signal, parameter or test case, the users can check the item for inconsistencies, and identified items can be updated immediately and easily.

In addition to the management and analysis of all development data as well as its interconnections, the definition and use of workflows for the fully automated execution of complex development steps is increasingly integrated in SYNECT. For example, with the new software version, predefined workflows can be started directly from the SYNECT user interface, via custom scripts, or via custom menu extensions.

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