KI Data Tooling Project

Data is key to achieving autonomous driving. Training and validating AI-based functions requires a process for efficiently obtaining a combination of real data and synthetically generated data. But setting up this process brings forth new challenges.

Since April 2020, dSPACE has been facing these challenges head-on with 16 partners in a large collaborative project, KI Data Tooling, funded by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi). KI stands for ‘künstliche Intelligenz’, German for ‘artificial intelligence’. The project aims to investigate the potential of synthetically generated data for the training and validation of AI and developing the tools required to provide this data.

dSPACE contributes its expertise in sensor simulation, scenario generation, and artificial intelligence. With our input, we support the project goals of generating high-quality data sets of real and synthetic data, and to investigate the use of this data for AI development and validation.

The project is scheduled to run until March 2023. To find out more about the project, please visit

Artificial Intelligence

dSPACE is your partner in the development and testing of artificial intelligence (AI). We support you in increasing the quality and quantity of your data.

Scenario Generation from Measurement Data

Transform your recorded sensor data to an accurate and fully customizable simulation. Replay recorded situations or adapt them to your requirements.

Sensor-Realistic Simulation

Simulate your scenarios or generate entirely new scenes to create sensor-realistic data for training and testing your AI algorithms.

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