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Updated EMH Solution: Greater Safety, Higher Resolution, Better Handling

May 09, 2012: The dSPACE's EMH (Electric Motor HIL) Solution provides all the I/O channels needed for the HIL simulation of electric motors. The upcoming new version brings a range of attractive innovations: increased electrical safety, extended channel functions, and an enhanced user interface. The EMH Solution comprises a DS5202 FPGA Base Board with a dedicated electric motor I/O module and the associated Real-Time Interface (RTI) blockset for model configuration under MATLAB®/Simulink®.
The electrical protection in the new version is ±50 V for all channels to avoid voltage damage during electrical failure simulation. The resolution of the digital I/O channels for PWM measurement has been raised to 12.5 ns (80 MHz), with a measurement range of 0 V to 20 V. In addition, the switching threshold can be set steplessly between 1 V and 8.5 V.
Configuration and resource management are performed with the RTI blockset, which has also been reworked. It can be used to check the entire simulation model on a PC following partial updates and discover how often each simulation block is used, whether it was configured correctly, and so on. This saves users the work of downloading the model to the hardware and performing a build process for test purposes.
The new version of the EMH Solution is pin-compatible with its predecessor. The new RTI blockset is downward compatible, so that existing as well as new EMH solutions can be configured with it.

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