Fully Automatic Validation of Simulink/TargetLink Version Changes

Published: October 09, 2014
Report produced by the BTC EmbeddedTester Migration Suite

Changing to a new tool version regularly poses new challenges for users in model-based development. New product versions or modified IT infrastructures invariably mean that existing models and functions have to be migrated to a new version of MATLAB®, TargetLink or Windows®. One important aspect of such updates is ensuring that they do not affect the simulation behavior of the model and production code.
BTC Embedded Systems AG, a TargetLink Strategic Partner, provides an easy, highly integrated and completely automated solution for this: the BTC EmbeddedTester Migration Suite. The suite provides back-to-back testing with automatically generated test cases, based on TargetLink code, that guarantee complete test coverage. Back-to-back testing is not only an established, state-of-the-art method in model-based development, where (since the advent of the ISO 26262 standard) it is typically used to compare the model and the code – it is also the ideal solution for validating a tool migration. In the BTC EmbeddedTester Migration Suite, all the user has to do is specify the tool versions and enter a list of TargetLink models. When this has been done, all the other steps, such as test case generation and test case execution in both tool versions, are performed completely automatically.
The suite finishes by producing a global HTML report clearly documenting the results of all the individual migration steps for all the models. 

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