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Hardware-in-the-Loop Simulator for Your Desk – SCALEXIO LabBox

Compact system for early function tests

  • Conveniently scalable I/O and performance
  • Easy configuration via software

Melbourn, Hertfordshire, September 20, 2016: With the new SCALEXIO LabBox, dSPACE now offers a compact high-performance system for hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) tests. The LabBox fits on every desk and can therefore be used for early function tests right at the developers’ workplace.

Conveniently Scalable I/O and Performance

The flexible system consisting of the LabBox and the SCALEXIO Processing Unit can be adjusted to meet different project requirements. The LabBox provides slots for up to 18 I/O boards, which can be conveniently replaced at the front side of the box. If users need more I/O or computing power, they can simply extend the system themselves by adding more LabBoxes or Processing Units. The LabBox is connected to the Processing Unit via the dSPACE-proprietary IOCNET network technology, which was developed and optimized specifically to meet the requirements of real-time applications.

Easy Configuration via Software

The I/O boards of SCALEXIO LabBox cover the entire range of functions, from simple digital or analog I/O, to complex I/O functions for engine simulation and automotive bus systems. Users can configure the boards conveniently in dSPACE ConfigurationDesk. This makes it possible to quickly modify the system according to changing project requirements and to decrease iteration times. The configurations created in ConfigurationDesk can be reused later with larger SCALEXIO HIL simulators.


SCALEXIO is a modular real-time system used for hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) testing. During HIL simulation, SCALEXIO allows for a highly precise real-time simulation of computation-intensive models and supports a high number of I/O functions as well as current bus and network systems such as CAN, CAN FD, LIN, FlexRay, and Ethernet. The I/O channels are specified with the central configuration software ConfigurationDesk. Using the dSPACE IOCNET technology makes it easy to extend the system and set up decentralized systems. SCALEXIO can also be coupled with existing dSPACE HIL simulators.


IOCNET is a dSPACE-proprietary network technology that is optimized for highest real-time requirements in terms of latencies and bandwidth. IOCNET makes scaling SCALEXIO systems easy by allowing for decentralized setups. The setups can include up to 100 device nodes, and the I/O and processing units can be located up to 100 m apart. SCALEXIO is therefore ideal for spatially distributed test systems, which can also be extended later on.

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