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Python 3 in the dSPACE Tool Chain

May 9, 2017: Python is one of the key programming languages for dSPACE products, especially when it comes to automating ControlDesk with its integrated Python interpreter, writing real-time tests, and working with AutomationDesk.

The discontinuation of Python 2.7.x was announced by the Python community for April 2020. Since Python 2 support will end with this date, dSPACE decided to change the Python distribution used by its software tools to the current version, Python 3, starting with Release 2018-B. As for past migrations, customers will receive comprehensive support for their migration process. Further information will be published on the dSPACE website with sufficient notice.

The migration to Python 3 will provide customers with the following advantages:

  • Full and long-term support, since Python 3 is now the standard version of the programming language
  • Full Unicode support
  • Less complex structure, making the language easier to learn for beginners
  • More efficient standard functions