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MotionDesk 3.5

Published: November 12, 2014

New Tests for Driver Assistance Systems

The new version 3.5 of the 3-D visualization software MotionDesk provides new, important elements for developing modern driver assistance systems. These include an extensive library for animated traffic participants such as pedestrians or cyclists. You can now also include animals in your models.

The pedestrian detection of modern driver assistance systems is trained by using neural networks based on real data. This means that traffic participants are identified via their motions, from which the system calculates important information such as the participants' potential direction of motion. The sensitive pedestrian detection therefore does not have to be tested on test tracks. Instead, it can be tested flexibly, fast, and reproducibly in the lab by visualizing it with MotionDesk 3.5.

MotionDesk is therefore making a crucial contribution to meeting future safety standard requirements for pedestrian detection (as stipulated by NCAP or the German Traffic Safety Council).

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