SCALEXIO Firmware 2023-B

Support of SCALEXIO FSX; Support of DS6242 and DS6365-PE boards

The SCALEXIO family has a new product line, the SCALEXIO FSX. This is a product line for fault insertion, signal conditioning, and further extensions. Using SCALEXIO FSX as an extension for your SCALEXIO system enables you to simulate electrical faults in combination with SCALEXIO standard I/O boards (e.g., DS6101 Multi-IO Board or DS6241 D/A Board).
SCALEXIO FSX consists of a SCALEXIO FSX Unit, a DS6861 IOCNET Router, and FSX boards. The SCALEXIO FSX Unit is an enclosure with 10 slots for FSX boards. The DS6861 IOCNET Router connects the FSX boards to the IOCNET network of the SCALEXIO system.
In the first step, three FSX boards for fault insertion are available: DS6801, DS6802, and DS6805. The DS6801 has 32 channels and switches faults using relays with a current load of up to 5 A. The DS6802 has 32 channels and can switch faults using a semiconductor switch with a current load of up to 5 A. The DS6805 has 10 channels and can switch faults using a semiconductor switch with a current load of up to 15 A. However, switching with the semiconductor switch is currently not supported by the software.
At this time, SCALEXIO FSX can only be used in customized HIL systems.

Support by the SCALEXIO Firmware

The SCALEXIO firmware supports SCALEXIO FSX. It enables the experiment software, for example, ControlDesk, to control the fault simulation with SCALEXIO FSX.
The SCALEXIO firmware supports the DS6242 D/A Board and DS6365-PE Automotive Ethernet Board.
The DS6242 is a single-slot SCALEXIO I/O board that can be installed in SCALEXIO LabBox/AutoBox. It provides 10 galvanic-isolated analog channels. It can be used in voltage out mode with ±20 V per channel or in current sink mode with ±40 mA. This boards also supports channel multiplication in order to achieve higher voltages (up to 60 V) and currents (up to 400 mA).
The DS6365-PE is a PCIe board that can be installed in the SCALEXIO Processing Unit. It provides two independent ports for connecting external devices to a SCALEXIO system via an Automotive Ethernet connection with up to 10 Gbit/s. It supports the IEEE 802.3ch-2020 standard (10GBASE-T1, 5GBASE-T1, 2.5GBASE-T1).


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