SystemDesk 5.5

Published: November 27, 2020

Broadly Extended AUTOSAR Support, Format 3.0 for V-ECU Containers, and More

The latest version of SystemDesk completes the support for the AUTOSAR MCAL layer modules for generating virtual ECUs (V-ECUs) with real production basic software (BSW). Now all relevant hardware-independent BSW modules can be easily integrated into V-ECUs. With the introduction of SIL testing and V-ECUs, our customers are also faced with process-related challenges. Our team of experts provides competent advice and support for generating V-ECUs as well as for integrating a V-ECU and a SIL tool chain into the validation process.

SystemDesk 5.5 allows you to work with non-AUTOSAR code and with the current versions of both Classic AUTOSAR (4.5) and Adaptive AUTOSAR (R19-11). This means that V-ECUs can be created for heterogeneous AUTOSAR use cases and you can model up-to-date software architectures and applications. Another new product in our AUTOSAR portfolio is dSPACE AUTOSAR Compare, a tool that can compare ARXML files, identify conflicts, and merge the files.

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