SensorSim 1.1

Published: June 04, 2019

More realistic sensor simulation and higher performance

High-performance test systems with sensor models based on the physical measurement principle as well as corresponding libraries for environment simulation are required for the validation of ADAS/AD functions.

The new sensor simulation library contains highly accurate models with which the environment to be captured by a sensor can be simulated so realistically that it matches the actual physical conditions. The high-performance GPU-based simulation platform Sensor Simulation PC is available for the deterministic real-time execution of the sensor environment models.

Version 1.1 now makes it possible to run multiple sensor simulation instances on a single graphics card to make the most of GPU resources.

The camera model now has an optional fish-eye characteristic of the lens with an aperture angle of over 180 degrees. This provides better support for many common camera sensors. It also results in a higher precision in the projection of lens distortion.

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