Automotive Simulation Models 9.3

Published: June 04, 2019

New features for ADAS/AD development

The new version of Automotive Simulation Models (ASM) has been optimized for the development and testing of ADAS/AD applications. This is supported by the probabilistic radar sensor model with which the behavior of radar sensors can be simulated particularly realistically. The model can capture a large number of radar targets and outputs them with the radar cross section (RCS) as a target list. This makes it particularly suitable for validating the object identification stage in radar sensors.

The new version of ASM supports the Open Simulation Interface (OSI) for ground truth. This feature provides a comprehensive description of the virtual environment including all relevant object data for connecting customer sensor models. 

The generic 3-D sensor model has been enhanced to detect user-defined reference points, such as the NCAP-relevant collision point or a fixed reference point on the bumper. Optionally, shading properties can be imposed.

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