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Published: January 02, 2019

Support for MATLAB Code in Simulink Models

At times, you want to describe algorithms and behaviors in a Simulink® model directly with MATLAB® Code. With the new TargetLink Module for MATLAB Code, TargetLink now supports this type of modeling process. dSPACE GmbH and MathWorks, Inc. have signed a license agreement that governs TargetLink support for specific MATLAB Code in Simulink models. For the first time, production code developers can now generate TargetLink's highly efficient C production code directly from the control functions that are described with MATLAB Code in Simulink models, for example, via the MATLAB Function block or MATLAB functions in Stateflow®. Therefore, developers can use another resource for modeling in TargetLink, in addition to using predefined blocks and state machines. The TargetLink Module for MATLAB Code supports the entire range of TargetLink optimizations and customizations. The new optional module is available with dSPACE Release 2018-B and TargetLink 4.4.

With the new TargetLink Module for MATLAB Code, TargetLink users can generate production code from MATLAB code in Simulink model constructs (here in Stateflow diagrams).

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