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Published: January 02, 2019

Visualizing the Test Project Status with the Help of Web Dashboards

When numerous testers from various teams, different departments, and even different countries collaborate, tracking the overall progress of the test project becomes quite challenging.

For this purpose, SYNECT 2.6 provides dashboards to visualize the test project status.

Examples of typical representations:

  • Total number of system requirements and number of requirements linked to a test case
  • Total number of tests and number of tests per last test result
  • Number of failed tests by test priority
  • Number of failed and unchecked tests
  • Status of the tests for each individual test environment
  • Status of tests for individual test automation tools, such as dSPACE AutomationDesk, NI TestStand, Vector vTESTstudio®/CANoe

The SYNECT dashboards are customizable. Only a compatible Internet browser is required for access. Currently supported Internet browsers are Microsoft® Edge, Google Chrome™, and Mozilla Firefox.

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