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MotionDesk 4.3

Published: January 02, 2019

Elevation Profiles at Intersections, Performance Improvement, and New Module for Raw Data Generation

The latest MotionDesk 4.3 has been further optimized for an even more realistic scene display. The dSPACE 3-D visualization software now offers the option of using, for example, height profiles, called Z-profiles, defined in ModelDesk, to display intersections with lanes at different elevations. Performance has been significantly improved by means of hardware instancing, which renders frequently recurring objects such as trees, streetlights, and houses much more efficiently.

In the field of sensor simulation, this Release provides an independent module for camera-based raw data generation. This module outputs the simulation together with control information to the HDMI screen port or shared memory. This makes it easy to transfer sensor data to the dSPACE ESI unit or a virtual ECU. Typical camera functions and effects, such as Bayer filters, lens distortion, chromatic aberration, and vignetting as well as shadow calculation and illumination, are taken into account. In addition, individual functions for customer-specific requirements can be implemented independently via an available interface.

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