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ControlDesk 6.3

Published: June 21, 2018

Improved Ethernet monitoring and new bus instruments

Version 6.3 of the dSPACE experiment and visualization software, ControlDesk, improves Ethernet monitoring and provides new instruments for the Bus Navigator.

For improved readability in Ethernet monitoring, the names of the ECUs can be displayed instead of their MAC/IP addresses. In addition, the Decoding view has been introduced, which lets you view protocol data of a selected Ethernet frame.

The Bus Navigator has been comprehensively extended for use with the Bus Manager. Predefined bus configurations can now be activated and deactivated during run time. New functions were added to the CAN and LIN instruments. In addition, CAN and LIN now also support bus communication manipulation.

ControlDesk 6.3 has also received detailed improvements. For example, the saving of large MF4 files has been improved and the video recording function is now also available in Windows 10. 

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