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Bus Manager 5.5

Support for VEOS

May 19, 2016: As of Release 2016-A, the dSPACE Bus Manager, the new central configuration software for the simulation of LIN, CAN and CAN FD bus systems, is available as a stand-alone version for restbus simulation with the PC-based simulation platform VEOS. The Bus Manager lets users create bus simulation containers (BSCs) to exchange and seamlessly use bus configurations in hardware-in-the-loop and PC-based bus simulation.

The Bus Manager supports the generation of experiment layouts in the ControlDesk Bus Navigator, and also supports bus monitoring for VEOS and the hardware-in-the-loop simulator SCALEXIO. Users can thus monitor bus communication during a running simulation.

Further new functions of Bus Manager 5.5:

  • Support for the new DS6301 CAN/LIN Board for SCALEXIO
  • Import of AUTOSAR System Templates Version 4.2.2 as base data for bus configuration
  • New simulation functions for LIN, CAN, and CAN FD

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