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Automotive Simulation Models 8.2

Lane Detection for Automated Driving and Optimized Combustion Engine Simulation

May 19, 2016: As of version 8.2, the Automotive Simulation Models (ASM) provide new functions for environment and sensor definition, so you can perform realistic simulations of construction site assistants and lane departure warning systems. This gives you greater flexibility for creating the lines required for lanes, parking spots and other road markings, making it possible to represent all of the marking types considered in the EU regulation 351/2012. You can now also create lines, barriers, and other objects independently of the lanes to create complex construction site scenarios, for example.

For combustion engine simulation, the signal processing of the ASM InCylinder engine models has been tuned to the requirements of the latest generation of electronic control units. What’s more, users now benefit from a complete parameterization for turbocharger engines, so they can immediately use the turbocharger engine models in their projects.

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