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Important changes for variable description files (TRC files)

Includes TRC file improvements and changes due to modified code generation of Simulink Coder™

November 9, 2015: Due to general TRC file improvements and various new features of Simulink Coder™ from MathWorks® as of Release R2014a, TRC variable connections are affected and you might have to modify your dSPACE development environment so you can continue to work with your variable description files (TRC files). This applies to dSPACE RCP and HIL systems and dSPACE VEOS.

The following table shows which combinations of MATLAB Releases and dSPACE Releases are involved.

You can find a detailed description of the necessary migration steps here

If you have any questions, please send an e-mail to

    dSPACE Releases
    Release 2014-A Release 2014-B Release 2015-A Release 2015-B Release 2016-A Release 2016-B Release 2017-A
MATLAB® Releases R2012b              
  R2014a X X X X      
  R2014b   X X X X    
  R2015a     X X X X  
  R2015b       X X X X
  R2016a         X X X
  R2016b           X X
  R2017a             X