dSPACE Solutions Are Part of the Dell Autonomous Drive Ecosystem

To bring the autonomous and networked vehicles of the future to the road, OEMs and Tier-1s have to master a wide range of challenges. For example, the enormous volumes of generated data have to be processed. You need the right partners to tackle tasks like data logging, data replay (DR), or open- and closed-loop testing. This is why the Dell Autonomous Drive Ecosystem was set up. The ecosystem is an open development system that comprises a range of solutions from different providers. It combines a powerful infrastructure, detailed know-how, a wide range of services, and software dedicated to the development of ADAS/AD solutions. dSPACE solutions are vital for several subtasks.

For example, the RTMaps software (Real-Time Multisensor Applications) is used for developing and validating multisensor applications. It plays a central role in capturing, time-stamping, synchronizing, and replaying data. When combined with dSPACE SCALEXIO, the modular hardware data replay and HIL real-time system, recorded data can be replayed in test mode to achieve a realistic real-time simulation of the device under test. dSPACE SCALEXIO is also the ideal tool for closed-loop HIL simulation, among other things. Here, dSPACE can play to its strengths as well, because the high-performance processor technology of SCALEXIO makes it possible to implement applications with strict requirements on real time, fast I/O, and comprehensive bus and network interfaces. This also includes the challenging restbus simulation for CAN, LIN, FlexRay, and automotive Ethernet networks.

The dSPACE AUTERA hardware is the ideal system for reading in high-bandwidth data, such as sensor raw data of lidar, radar, and camera sensors, and of automotive buses and networks. dSPACE AUTERA is able to continuously stream 50 Gbit of data per second to compact, robust solid-state disks (SSDs), which can also be replaced during a running recording.

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